Tree Services

Tree Pruning

Proper pruning techniques, performed by skilled and experienced trimmers are essential for the long term health and safety of your trees. Improper pruning can ruin the looks and branch structure of your trees and cause problems for years to come. With over 30 years experience, K&B Tree and Lawn Care has the know-how to properly care for your trees.

Well maintained trees will have a strong and balanced branch structure, meaning less damage from storms and a tree canopy that 'fits' into your landscape, providing beauty and shade for many years.

Tree Pruning Tips

Prune young trees every year or two for the first 10 years. This is the most important time to train the tree limbs for proper development. Things to consider are proper branch spacing, determining the height of your lowest limbs, removing 'v' crotched branches, keeping one central leader, and removing dead or broken limbs. As with any pruning, knowledge and experience are essential. Improper pruning cuts can ruin your tree.

Pruning meduim to mature growth trees should be needed less often, especially if trees were maintained at an early age. Deadwood removal, pruning back from buildings and wires, keeping crowns raised to proper heights, and selective thinning to reduce wind damage are all basic objectives. In some cases, reducing crown size, large limb removal and cable supports may be recommended, especially after storm damage. Well maintained trees generally experience much less damage during storms. When a trained arborist prunes a tree, crown inspection may find cracked limbs or other defects not visible from the ground. This is another good reason for regular pruning.

Tree Removal

Our crews have the experience and equipment to remove trees of any size, in any location, safely and efficiently. From 15 ft. apple trees to 90 ft. cottonwoods, no job is too big or too small. We promise to be respectful of your property and communicate with you throughout the project until it is completed to your satisfaction. Excellent yard clean up after the job is done is our trademark.       

Stump Removal

We can eliminate any stump from your yard - large or small. Do you have a 5 ft. monster stump? - NO PROBLEM! Small stumps from old shrubs? - don't try to chop them out - call K&B. Difficult access into a backyard? We have a small walk-in grinder that will fit through a 3 ft. gate. Our stump grinders will reduce any stump to chips in short order. We'll do the grinding and clean up, backfill with topsoil, seed and mulch. Or, to reduce costs you can do the clean up or backfill yourself.

If you're sick of mowing around that old stump or just tired of looking at it - call K&B for a free estimate.

Shrub Pruning

We can handle shearing your yews and arbors vitas, thinning your lilacs, 'winterizing' your spirea and anything in-between. We have several men on staff with years of shrub pruning experience. Call for a free inspection and quote.

Shrub Removal

Tired of those old, overgrown shrubs? Dread the thought of cutting down and disposing of the brush, then chopping out those stubborn stumps? Take it easy - call K&B! We'll cut 'em down, clean 'em up and grind out the stumps and roots. We can til up the old shrub bed to make it ready for re-planting, or we can add topsoil, level and seed if you want grass instead. We can also re-plant shrubs for you.

Save your back - Call K&B!