Lawn Services

Year 'round Lawn Care

We offer up to five applications in our lawn weed and feed programs. You can choose the number of applications that works best for you. At K&B, there is no telemarketing and no hard selling to constantly add services that you don't want. We'll work with you to set up the right program for your lawn and budget.

We offer seasonal specials and discounts of up to 50% off on selected services and a 5% pre-pay discount. Just call us for details.

We do not offer any mowing services.

Lawn Applications

Fertilizer & Pre-emergent - (Round 1)
Applied early April through early May: A dry fertilizer and crabgrass preventer; no dandelion or broadleaf control done at this time because ground temperatures are too cool.

Spring Weed & Feed - (Round 2)
Applied May through June: A dry, slow-release fertilizer is applied along with a liquid broadleaf weed control.

Summer Weed & Feed - (Round 3)
Applied late June through July: A dry, reduced nitrogen fertilizer is used and broadleaf weeds are selectively sprayed, along with any crabgrass that may grow through.

Fall Weed & Feed - (Round 4)
Applied September through early October: A dry, slow-release fertilizer is applied along with liquid broadleaf weed control. Fertilizer rates are increased in fall to enhance root growth.

Late Fall Fertilizing - (Round 5)
Applied late October through November: Referred to as a 'winterizer' because nutrients applied at this time improve root growth and increase food storage to survive winter.

Weed Control Booster
Applied when needed as a 'booster' for hard-to-control weeds like 'Creeping Charlie' or offered when no fertilizer is desired.

Core Aeration
Done once a year - Spring or Fall - Aeration removes thousands of soil cores from your lawn, which melt back into turf when it rains. These holes allow oxygen, water and nutrients to penetrate to the root zone.

To learn more about aeration and overseeding, click here.

Tree & Shrub Fertilizing
Done once a year - Spring or Fall - Adds nutrients to nutrient-deficient urban soils and helps aerate the root system for healthier trees and shrubs.

Insecticide Treatment
During the growing season insects can damage turf. Preventative treatment is most effective, but if you notice brown patches, call us and we'll come out to diagnose the problem and treat as needed.