Holiday Lighting


Invite Tim over for a FREE consultation!

* He has great examples to help you “picture” your perfect Christmas setting.

* Our installation crews love to help you experience that unique Christmas feeling.

* We’ll supply all the materials, install and maintain them during the lighting season—then return to take down and safely pack away your display.

We can place the storage containers in your attic, garage,
or basement—or for a small fee, can store them at our facility.


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Some FAQ’s about how the process works:

What am I paying for the first year?  How about the second?

      The first year you will be paying for the materials – lights, cords, clips, etc. and labor.  The second year you will be paying for labor only, unless materials are added or lights need to be replaced.   The price usually decreases by 30-50% from year 1 to year 2.   A great incentive to keep working with K&B!  There is no charge for a consultation or an estimate.

Are they my lights or do they belong to someone else?

     They are your lights, cords, timers, etc.  You are purchasing them through K & B, and at any point you can request the materials to be left with you on your property.   Most customers prefer storing them at our facility from year to year.

Why do you only use LED lights?

      LED lights have proven more durable over time, use up to 90% less energy than standard incandescent bulbs, and remain cool to the touch.

Do I have plug them in every night during the holidays?

      No, K & B will set all your lights up on timers which are usually programmed to have the lights on from 5 p.m. to midnight.

When do you typically put them up and take them down?

      We will usually begin installations in early November and try to take them down in Mid-January.  If conditions are unsafe for our crew to perform the work then, the lights may stay up until February or March.

What if a light goes out?

            The first year the lights are installed K & B will fix or replace any broken or burned out lights at no charge.  During the following years, K&B will repair any broken or burned out lights, but will charge for that service.

Will K&B hang my lights from previous years?   

      We will be happy to look at your displays and if they are in good working order give you an hourly rate price to hang your lights.   Most of the time we would prefer to provide you with new lights, cords, timers, etc.